Meet the Board

Peter – Paul Schouwenberg


Peter-Paul has a legal and business administration background and currently working as Senior Officier Regulatory Affairs and Project Manager Biobased Economy within Essent. Previously Peter-Paul was Vice-President Biofuels & Development within Essent Trading International SA in Geneva, and for more than 10 years responsible for the sourcing, trading and development of biomass (solids and liquids) on a global scale. Thanks to his leadership Essent became one of the authorities in the biomass market. He developed furthermore a unique track and trace system, which can be used worldwide in the discussions regarding the sustainability of biomass. Additionally he was one of the initiators of the standard Gafta (trading) contract for Biomass and the introduction of a forward curve for woodpellets. He was also involved in the development of several new (bio)fuels for the production of sustainable green electricity. The most important one, a worldwide primeur, was the development of fair-trade coffeehusk pellet in Brazil. For this project he received the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America’s) Sustainability Award.

Martijn Sinke


Martijn is Managing Director with Schutter Rotterdam BV, a subsidiary of Schutter Group. Schutter Group provides professional Testing, Inspection and Certification Services all over the world within agricultural supply chains. Martijn joined Schutter Group 2 years ago to introduce Schutter to the energy industry for biomass inspection services. Before Martijn has been involved in the biomass business for more than 10 years working for large utility companies as UPM Kymmene (Finland), Eneco Energy Trade (NL) and Essent Energy Trading (nowadays RWE), he has been involved in every aspect of the biomass supply chain varying from sourcing, development, trading, logistics to project management. Martijn holds a Master Degree in Business Science.

Frank van der Stoep


Frank is Project- and Sales Manager with European Bulk Services (E.B.S.) B.V. in Rotterdam. EBS is one of the largest stevedores in the Port of Rotterdam in handling all kinds of bulk cargo. Within EBS Frank is responsible for all sales developments with regard to the minerals coal and wood pellets. Frank has more than 20 year’s experience in field of logistics such as stevedoring, forwarding, and transportation.

Nicole van Klaveren

Board Member

Nicole is Business Manager with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, responsible for the market for dry bulk and for electricity generation, including renewable energy (power plants and biomass). In the past decade Nicole has been working in the field of energy and sustainability (including carbon capture and storage and CO2 emissions trading) for the Dutch government, the Rijnmond environmental protection agency and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The Port of Rotterdam – with its Rotterdam Bioport – works on both the transition from a fossil-based port to a port based on renewable feedstocks and the development of the biomass hub for Europe. Building on the strength of the power plants, biofuel plants and the existing (petro)chemical cluster in the port area, the bio-based industry is the way to our future. Port of Rotterdam delivers the best facilities for biomass trade, transport, storage, transhipment, processing and production.

Mieke Brinkel

Board Member

mieke-10lo-square2Mieke is Business Manager with the Port of Rotterdam Authority. She is an international and passionate professional who is experienced in a wide range of topics and commodities with a preference for shipping, logistics, energy, dry bulk and sustainability. Both skilled as critical thinker and commercial executive.

Specialties: Shipping; Logistics; Coal; Biomass; Bioliquids; Sustainability; Higher Education

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